About Us

Human Capital Research Corporation (HCRC) is a privately held education research consultancy located in Evanston, Illinois.  HCRC provides colleges and universities with advanced research and strategic guidance concerning enrollment management, market development, curriculum innovation, pricing policy, sustainability planning, and long-term outcomes assessment.

Who We Are

Human Capital Research Corporation (HCRC) was established in 1991 to provide strategic and tactical information to education policy makers, administrators, and practitioners. Our mission is to advance opportunity, productivity, and value in higher education by providing insight based on rigorous quantitative analysis and through collaborative examination of the structures, practices, outcomes, and environments of our institutional clients.


Using an extensive array of statistical research methods reflecting multiple disciplines, HCRC offers a wide range of quantitatively-based research services that fall under the direct purview of enrollment management in conjunction with an institution’s academic, finance, advancement, and senior leadership divisions.

Core research capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Aid and Matriculation Analysis (segmentation analysis, yield predictions, pricing strategy)

  • Admitted Student Survey

  • Net Price Calculator

  • Market Scorecard and Cultivation Assessment

  • Search Specification and Inquiry Scorings

  • Strategic Peer Analysis


With a professional staff of 20 research analysts and our IT development team, HCRC works closely and collaboratively with an active client portfolio of more than 70 colleges and universities representing a robust cross-section of the higher education landscape.

In addition to its core campus-level engagements, HCRC works with a small number of education consortia, units of government, and foundations on issues concerning public finance, social impact assessment, labor market and industry analysis, long-term planning, and strategic information.


While we are a for-profit corporation, we maintain a deep and abiding interest in public purpose and are committed, personally and professionally, to advancing the social contribution and the long-run sustainability of higher education. With more than 25 years of service, we take pride in our capacity to help institutions become better attuned to their market and we stand apart from all other enrollment research consultancies in a number of important respects including:

  • The scope, depth and customization of our client data warehouses and standards for accuracy;

  • The rigor and variety of our research methods and analytic approaches;

  • Our exceptional secondary and primary research skills;

  • Our attention to detail and comfort with adapting our practices to meet the specific needs and exacting specifications of our clients;

  • Our insatiable curiosity and hunger for experimentation and innovation; and

  • Our open architecture and ongoing efforts to advance our clients' own in-house information and analytic capabilities.


Clients who work with HCRC often find that they have to make a greater effort on their part with respect to the capture and organization of data; in the contemplation of research findings; and in their internal efforts to innovate and advance their market position. We offer no gimmicks, quick fixes, or magic bullets and we have little interest in helping institutions pursue abstract goals that pander to the national rankings, prestige, or appearances as ends unto themselves.

Our greatest strengths stem from our capacity to listen and to intelligently contextualize the needs and objectives of our clients and help frame their issues through the lens of rigorous quantitative analysis and creative data visualization. With a long-term client retention rate of 98 percent, the vast majority of HCRC’s clients embrace our work as an ongoing real collaboration with an understanding and appreciation for shared responsibilities and joint product.

Human Capital embraces this same ethos as an employer and sees the cultivation of its staff as central to its mission. From our vantage point, professional advancement stems from an organizational culture that embraces team approaches, open architecture, and continuous improvement in all its client and R&D endeavors.