About Us


Reinstitute is a division of Human Capital Research Corporation focusing on organizational strategy, change management, and sustainability. Established in 2017, Reinstitute works with campus leaders to deepen the understanding of the fundamental challenges and transformations facing higher education and to implement mission-based action plans in response to them. Through partnerships with colleges and universities at the board and executive level, Reinstitute offers support in strategic planning and change management in the areas of finance, governance, program innovation, and institutional repositioning. 

​Reinstitute is directed by an accomplished team of higher educational leaders who represent a broad range of experiences and backgrounds and together bring more than 150 years of leadership and analytic experience in the realms of higher education, economic development, business development, and finance. Re-Institute’s leadership includes:​

Who We Are

John Nelson:  Previously, during 26 years serving as a senior manager and analyst at  Moody’s, John was Managing Director of Moody’s Health Care, Higher Education and Not-for-Profit rating teams.

​Ron Thomas:  Previously, Ron served as president of the University of Puget Sound from 2003-2016 following previous faculty and administrative roles at the University of Chicago, Harvard University, and Trinity College (CT). ​

Sharon Herzberger: Previously, Sharon served a thirteen-year term as President of Whittier College in Whittier, California, following faculty and administrative roles at Northwestern University and Trinity College (CT).

David Kalsbeek:  Previously, David served for 22 years as Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing at DePaul University. 

Brian Zucker:  Brian is the president of HCRC which he founded thirty years ago and is a recognized national expert on the financing of college education, enrollment strategy, financial aid, and higher education reform.