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Curriculum Assessment &
Program Prioritization


How can we systematically assess how our curricular mix of programs compares to peer institutions?

How does our current mix of academic programs match the changing market demand in our region?  
What new academic programs offer the best opportunities for enrollment growth? Which best respond to trends in student demand or to the occupational and workforce needs in our region?
How can we effectively compile and analyze data for an academic program prioritization and review process—including market demand, program costs and profitability, impact on quality and diversity, etc.?
What specific dimensions of the learning experience matter most to students in their college choice? How do we compare with peers in delivering those?
Given our current enrollment patterns across various disciplines, should we consider differential pricing by program? Can we model the effects?


Academic Portfolio Analysis

Comparative and competitive evaluation and benchmarking of an institution’s current academic program diversity and mix.


Market Demand Assessment

Market studies on demand trends by discipline for academic program prioritization.

Occupational and Labor Market Analysis

Regional market and workforce trends shaping enrollment demand.

New Program Assessment

Identifying market opportunities and competitive positioning for developing new undergraduate and graduate academic programs.


The identity, value and success of the college enterprise lies in its portfolio of academic programs. Along with associated co-curricular experiences, a college’s academic programs are the core products that drive its costs, generate most of its revenue, define its brand value, and shape its resulting social return. As such, the academic portfolio warrants a vigorous and rigorous comparative assessment and evaluation of its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for expansion or improvement. As part of a program prioritization process or an investigation of new market-responsive opportunities for growth, a systematic assessment of the curricular portfolio is foundational to institutional sustainability.

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