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While we are a for-profit corporation, the mission of Human Capital Research is to advance the social return and public purposes of higher education.  Through over three decades of service and success, the firm has remained committed to advancing the social contribution and the long-term sustainability of colleges and universities.  We do so by helping colleges and universities leaders increase opportunity, productivity, and value by providing them insight based on rigorous quantitative analysis and collaborative examination of their structures, strategies, practices, outcomes, and environments.  


We assist institutions in gaining greater insights to better serve their core purposes: setting and achieving integrated enrollment, academic and financial goals, assessing and improving internal performance and practices, and successfully fulfilling their institutional missions.  We take particular pride in helping colleges and universities become better attuned and responsive to external market realities that shape their future.  

Through research and analysis with both tactical and strategic value, our goal is to partner closely with college and university leaders in all facets of strategic enrollment development and institutional planning in today’s rapidly changing higher education environment.     Our research approach undergirds a proven track record of innovation and enrollment success at colleges and universities coast to coast, building a culture of evidence and developing clients’ foundational data infrastructure for their continuous improvement.

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