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HCRC offers a wide range of quantitatively-based research services and solutions that generally fall under the purview of enrollment management, often developed in conjunction with an institution’s academic, finance, and executive leadership. ​We bring expertise and proven research capabilities to help colleges and universities in a number of specific areas that are briefly highlighted below. 

However, at its core, HCRC approaches its work with a focus on integration, since strategic responses to the challenges colleges and universities face are seldom confined to discrete analytic efforts or solutions.  Institutional outcomes – be they net revenue, market demand, student retention, competitiveness, productivity or overall market position -  are intertwined in a highly interdependent ecosystem.  For example, aid optimization to improve net tuition revenue can only go so far without also simultaneously addressing the college’s curricular portfolio of programs or the level of market demand.  Since strategic challenges are highly integrated, so must be the analytic approach and the institutional response.  As a result,  HCRC engagements are typically focused on creating an integrated approach to analysis, systems and institutional practice – the three building blocks of sustainable institutional strategy.          

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