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Understand the Transition to the Student Aid Index (SAI)

How can we understand how the Student Aid Index impacts our aid awarding?
What options are possible to provide students award estimates given all the FASFA delays?
How will the transition to SAI affect Pell recipients?
How does my institution evaluate the impact SAI has on enrollment, discount rate and revenue?


Estimated Award Letter

Provide students institutionally-branded award estimates given FAFSA delays


Custom Financial Aid Portal

Create engaging, personalized portals designed in Slate to enhance the tailored experience your new students have with their financial aid offers. 


Student Aid Index Calculators

Receive SAI and Pell estimates based on family inputs (Slate or web-based).

Returning Student Analysis

Analysis of changes in federal aid for current undergraduates for institutional planning purposes.


Financial Aid and Matriculation Analysis

A robust and statistically rigorous approach to yield prediction and net revenue projections, including the impact SAI has on family price response.  Learn more here.


The Student Aid Index is the fundamental assessment of demonstrated need that institutions use as the backbone of delivering efficient and competitive aid awards to students.  

These tools are part of a large body of analytic work that can help your enrollment office determine future institutional goals around enrollment, discount, and revenue.

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