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Enrollment Management


What are the areas for greatest impact and return on investment in enrollment development initiatives?  

How are our college’s net revenue outcomes shaped by our particular academic portfolio, student mix, and market position? How can we improve?
Can we create a multi-year enrollment plan that is responsive to market dynamics and helps ensure a more sustainable business model?
What particular aspects of our co-curricular opportunities are most important to admitted students in their college choice and should be emphasized?
How can we fine-tune our admissions review process to better align with overall enrollment goals – including improving access, student diversity and retention?   
What innovations should the college consider for developing new revenue opportunities?


Enrollment Benchmarking

Benchmarks of comparative metrics across all stages of the enrollment process and across multiple segments of the enrollment portfolio.


Enrollment Opportunity Studies

Empirical analysis of the inter-related trade-offs, costs and opportunities for improving  tuition revenue, academic profile, retention, diversity and access.

Market Demand Analysis

Projections of enrollment demand and yield prediction across targeted segments & subgroups and across academic programs.

Admitted Student Review

A market-tested survey-based approach to assessing factors affecting college choice. Learn more about the ASR here


The scope of enrollment management goes well beyond enrolling each year’s class of new students and encompasses all the factors shaping enrollment and revenue outcomes. Those outcomes are shaped by many moving parts, some in continuous flux and others more stable over time. A systematic approach to forging enrollment strategy brings analytic discipline to everything from market demand to curricular development to student engagement to brand value to alumni affinity. Empirically assessing and diagnosing precisely how these dynamics interact and entail inescapable tradeoffs is critical to developing a sustainable, multi-dimensional enrollment strategy.

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