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Market Development &
Student Recruitment


What are the long-term trends and projections for the markets that currently constitute our primary focus?  

How can our college focus its student recruitment efforts to improve its cost-effectiveness and productivity?   
How should we prioritize our marketing outreach in order to better leverage our recruitment budget? 
What new markets are the most promising for our college as we expand our outreach in response to declining demographic trends in our region?
How should we focus our recruitment strategy as we seek to shape the composition of our freshman class in its diversity, academic, and socio-economic profile?
How can analytics enable us to better leverage our Student Search strategy?


Market Scorecard

Analytic tool to identify, prioritize and target geo-demographic markets for student recruitment.


High School Quality Index 

A proprietary scoring approach to rate and prioritize every high school in the U.S. for student recruitment.

Student Search Specification and Inquiry Scorings  

Comprehensive analysis to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of recruitment efforts.

Slate Services

Support for optimizing the implementation of the Slate CRM system in student recruitment and development of generative communications to improve yield prediction.

Survey Research

Custom development of online surveys throughout the recruitment cycle to qualify student interest; comprehensive evaluation of factors affecting students’ college choice and comparisons to competitors. 


Colleges are spatial—that is, they navigate in distinct geographic markets, even in online programs. While a college’s draw can range from local to national, simple demographic projections are not adequate for understanding how the distinct profile and trends in its primary markets shape enrollment demand in direct and indirect ways. A concerted assessment of a college’s geographic footprint and geo-legacy patterns in market demand and market share should undergird all enrollment planning. Moreover, associated predictive analytics can directly shape how a college focuses and prioritizes its marketing and recruitment activities ranging from staff travel to digital communications.

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