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Slate Services


Can we get assistance in the optimal set-up, implementation, training, workflow development, and process automation of Slate solutions that are customized to our campus needs?

How can we leverage the full functionality of Slate for use in our recruitment, marketing, application, financial aid, yield and retention efforts?
How can we harness the power of Slate for student success to improve upon our current student services and associated processes?
How can we leverage Slate to provide real-time reporting, analytics, and modeling to guide our recruitment, admissions, financial aid, and retention efforts? Can Human Capital’s analytics seamlessly integrate into Slate to provide staff with immediate actionable insights?
How can we use the data that Slate collects through Deliver, Ping, and Portals to develop a predictive model that advances our student communication strategy to materially improve yield and retention?
How can we integrate our many different student systems, data sources, and business processes into Slate?



Provide fully-customized implementation support from project management to reimagining business practice and designing student-centric processes that drive yield and retention. Unleash the power of Slate for both enrollment management and student success.


To diagnose and inventory colleges’ current use, configuration and design of Slate, and recommend areas for remediation, enhancement and exploration. 

System and Process Optimization

To enhance colleges’ capabilities to design, implement, and benefit from the full potential of Slate, including maximized automation techniques.


Design, iterate, and execute fully-custom development in Slate, from stand-out constituent portals to automated academic indexing, scholarship calculation, and all manner of complex workflows. If it can be imagined, it can be built.

Communication Strategy

From new student search, to anti-melt and orientation, to alumni services, find and intelligently segment your outreach to all audiences using modernly-designed email templates with appropriate CTAs.

Reporting and Analytics

From customized recruitment dashboards that easily display relevant funnel data, to personalized market scorecards that rank high schools and territories, to reports that identify the most impactful messaging you are communicating to students, leverage and unleash the power and insights of Human Capital’s unparalleled research and modeling in ways directly within Slate.

Data Integration

Automate and streamline disparate data from a multitude of sources within the Slate environment to enrich analytics, modeling, and data insights allowing you to maximize the ROI on your most valuable commodity—your staff’s time.


Receive fully-customized institution specific Slate training from leading experts and practitioners with the Slate community. From Slate best practices, to advanced tips and tricks that drive efficiency, on-site, remote, and hybrid trainings offerings can get new staff up to speed, or take your entire staff to the next level in Slate.


A key to successful enrollment management is the integration of systems, analytics and institutional practice. Technolutions Slate has rapidly become a preferred platform for managing college recruitment and admissions processes—but its applicability goes well beyond traditional CRM functions to include, among other benefits, student retention support and real time analytics. Taking full advantage of Slate’s potential directly impacts the entirety of the enrollment development process, especially given the primacy of finely tuned, targeted and interactive communications between students and colleges. The two-way linkage of Slate systems with rigorous research and analytics is invaluable; not only do data captured in Slate directly feed and enrich the analytic effort, but enrollment analytics seamlessly fed back into Slate provide the dashboards and tools that inform all the practices today’s enrollment leaders manage for enrollment success.

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