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2024 Admitted Student Review

Designed as a multi-institutional survey, the ASR is a web-based, post-May 1 survey of your admitted students concerning their college choice decision.

Consisting of approximately 90 carefully honed and extensively field tested question items, the ASR provides invaluable insights and market context for enrollment managers, admissions directors, financial aid directors, CFOs, academic officers, presidents and other institutional leaders. From comparative strengths and weaknesses of their institution compared to their core competition to key points of differentiation, our insights provide a deeper understanding of the college choice process to better understand the underlying drivers of academic value and enrollment demand.

The ASR is offered as a turnkey assessment tool; we manage all aspects of survey administration and analysis and provide you with a series of in-depth analytic reports and datasets. 


Yearly student responses


Participating institutions

Comparisons with more than 1,300 top
choice schools (including yours)


Average response rate

Rates vary with market position, launch
timing, and custom questions. For many
institutions response rates comfortably
exceed 50%.

Full-Service, Turnkey Solution

Survey Administration
We manage all facets of communication including design and content of invitation and targeted reminder emails to your admitted students. We maintain record control enabling additional data to be incorporated as well as real- time forwarding of students who are undecided and want to be contacted.


In-Depth Analytics
Our analysis goes beyond mere tabulations and examines and explores key relationships and factors underlying the choice decision and drivers of value.

Interactive Data Displays
Our dashboards allow you to filter and compare results across specific subgroups (e.g., by race, socio-economic status, academic profile, program, geography and applicant type).


Robust Peer Comparisons
Our analysis reveals how your student responses compare to the national sample or sub-groups of institutions based on market position, overlap, or other criteria. 


Data Delivery
We provide conditioned unit-record data files for all admitted (enrolled and non-enrolled) respondents. With record control, additional data is merged to enrich the analysis. Respondent data is available at any time.


Advanced Analytic and Technical Support
A designated HCRC Survey Research Specialist and Senior Analyst Consultant provide additional support, interpretation and strategic and tactical guidance based on your data and results.


Real-Time Reporting
Password-secured Qualtrics report dashboard providing key metrics and chart displays for all question items. 

We will customize the instrument with your logo and personalized emails. You may also add up to three additional custom questions to your survey that will be honed and appropriately placed within the survey.


Respondent Sample

Statistically robust, fully representative sample of the middle- and top-tier markets. We produce detailed analytics for wide-array of population subgroups based on academic profile, curricular interest, socio-economic status, demography, and geography. 

In 2023 alone, HCRC collected more than 125,000 survey responses – a number that continues to grow year over year. This provides a statistically robust, fully representative sample of colleges and universities in both the public and private sector. 2023 ASR respondents represented admitted students at over 1,300 schools.

Destination Institutions Represented 

BZs map (web).JPG

Distribution by Market Position Percentile*

Disribution by Market Percentile.JPG

Sample Tabulations: Analytic Report Deliverable

Scope of Choice 

Admits M NM (web).PNG

Decision Timing 

Decision Timing.png

Learning Priorities 

Learning Exp.png

Sample Tabulations: Peer Comparisons Deliverable

Affordability Concerns 

Box Plots (web).PNG

Sample Tabulations: Interactive Displays Deliverable

College Decision Factors

Filterable Dashboard (web).PNG

Timeline and Fees

Timeline (web).PNG

HCRC is offering a limited number of available spots for the 2024 ASR for institutions outside of its core client portfolio. The fee for participation is $10,000 and includes all survey administration, customization, descriptive and analytic reports, analysis workshop presentation, and related follow-up services and technical support.

2024 Package Includes

Survey Administration & Distribution
This includes creating the survey in Qualtrics, scheduling invite and reminder emails, launching the survey, and setting up automatic email to your admissions office with contact information for students who request additional information.

3 Custom Questions
These questions can relate to any aspect of the college decision process and/or your institution but are subject to limitations regarding length and complexity

Interpretation & Presentation of Results
A live Zoom presentation based on your results provides strategic insights within the context of your institution.

Ongoing Technical  & Analytical Support
This support spans technical support with Qualtrics administration and distribution of the survey through interpretation and presentation of results, as well as additional requests or customizations within reason.


Real-Time Results Report
This password-protected Qualtrics report link is sent for tracking results in real time.


Analytic Report
This report is an extensive display of item-by-item results segmented and visualized by matriculation status.


Interactive Displays
This Tableau-powered display allows for segmentation across several subpopulations for key survey items.


Unit Record Data
This file contains full survey results with one row for each respondent.


Peer Comparisons
This product utilizes our full response sample to draw market comparisons for your institution.


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