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Human Capital Research Corporation (HCRC) proudly announces it has acquired CBRG Solutions, LLC (CBRG), a Chicago-based boutique enrollment management technology consultancy with deep expertise in Technolutions Slate related services. This acquisition complements HCRC’s expansive research and analysis practice with CBRG’s deep knowledge and expertise in implementing and maximizing the use of the market-leading CRM platform for university enrollment management divisions.

Chris Browning and Rob Galarza, CBRG’s co-founders and principals, will assume the roles of Executive Director and Director, respectively, of Slate Services at HCRC. They will bring a full-service suite of Slate consulting and development to HCRC’s practice, directly connecting client Slate systems to HCRC’s well-established and industry-leading research and data analysis services. As part of this expansion, HCRC is also proud to announce its status as a Platinum Partner with Technolutions, Inc.—the highest level of Slate’s preferred partnership program.

“At Human Capital Research, we view as inseparable the three cornerstones of enrollment strategy: Analysis, Systems, Practice. Our new Slate Services team cements HCRC’s research capacities with the industry-leading CRM system to shape the enrollment management practice required in today’s hyper-competitive environment,” said Brian Zucker, president and founder of HCRC.

The integration of CRM system and operational expertise with rigorous quantitative-based research models uniquely positions HCRC to assist colleges in a Slate implementation, optimization and customization process that is fueled and fused with the necessary analytic intelligence required for sustainable enrollment success.

For more information, contact Chris and Rob at

ABOUT HCRC: Human Capital Research Corporation (HCRC) was established in 1991 to provide strategic and tactical information to college and university leaders, administrators, and policy makers. Our mission is to advance opportunity, productivity, and value in higher education by providing insight based on rigorous quantitative analysis coupled with the collaborative examination and improvement of the structures, strategies, systems, practices, outcomes of our institutional clients.


ABOUT SLATE: Over 1,400 colleges and universities trust Slate by Technolutions to manage their admissions/enrollment management, student success, and advancement needs. Slate has been developed exclusively for higher education and is the preeminent solution for recruiting students and donors, providing the best combination of qualified services, value for money, and experience.

ABOUT TECHNOLUTIONS: Founded in 1994, Technolutions has become the standard-bearer for admissions/enrollment management, student success, and advancement technology. Technolutions prides itself on its innovative and first-to-market solutions which support transformational change on the world of higher education.

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