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Survey Research

How do admitted students perceive my institution compared to other schools considered?  How do those perceptions compare between those who enroll and those who do not? 
What factors are most important in students’ final college decision, and how does my institution compare with other schools our applicants consider?   
What dimensions of the overall learning environment and co-curricular experience do students value most and should be emphasized in our marketing?  
How do students compare our financial aid package and net cost to our key competitors? 
How do families finance their portion of the overall college cost?  How do parents perceive the cost and value of my institution? 
To what degree do current students feel a sense of fit, belonging and connectedness with our campus? 

HCRC Solutions

Admitted Student Review (ASR)

Through the ASR–a survey with over 100 participating schools annually, admitted students provide insight on factors affecting their college choice, perceptions of colleges’ strengths and weaknesses, comparisons to other college options in financial aid, recruitment efforts, co-curricular opportunities, learning environment and institutional fit.


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Family Finance Survey 

Designed to capture the family financial contribution of currently enrolled students, areas of inquiry of the Family Finance Survey include sources of funding, financial aid, and affordability concerns. 

Pulse Survey 

This short survey is administered in the spring to understand where students are in their college decision process. Moreover, students’ requests for additional information go directly to your admissions teams, providing institutions opportunities to further engage with undecided prospective students. 

Connections Survey 

A suite of surveys tailored to first- through third-year college students regarding key aspects of their learner experience. This suite is designed to identify student attitudes and behaviors as well as institutional practices that contribute to or impede enrollment performance and sense of academic value.

Parent ASR

A supplemental instrument used to accompany the Student ASR. This survey is designed to understand how parents perceive their student's college choice. Areas of inquiry include college interactions, pricing and affordability, decision factors, and overall value. 


While extensive insight can be gleaned from institutional transactional data systems to inform enrollment strategy, there is as much or greater value to be derived from survey research with key audiences – prospective students, enrolled students, alumni, and parents.   Survey research with well-honed questions and rigorous analysis generates deep insight into respondents’ experiences, perceptions, priorities, values, satisfaction, and outcomes.  Survey data can bring to life our understanding of the dynamics shaping student choice, student mix, drivers of retention and student success and long-term alumni outcomes.    With appropriate record-control, survey responses can be joined with other institutional data to enrich any strategy being designed to improve an institution’s performance and outcomes. 


HCRC is now collecting interest from institutions for the 2024 Admitted Survey Review. Please fill out the form below to connect with us.

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